I worked at Facepunch Studios for 6 years and created branding for a wide variety of smaller game projects as well as the major titles of the developers output. 
Chunks  (2016)
Chunks was a VR game designed to test the waters of the new hardware and focuses on block based building. 
The logo was designed so it could be rendered in 3D space and work as a completely flat logo.
Clatter (2018)
Clatter is a strategy game with a sports arena style. I worked on creating the structure and shape of the logo as well as the typography.
Chippy  (2019)
Chippy is a twin stick space shooter where you chip away pixels from a boss to try and dig down to the core of the enemy and beat the level in the fastest time. 
These are a few cancelled game projects that I enjoyed working on and like the outcomes of them. Facepunch Studios spent several years on a wide variety of genres and platforms and I think these logos show that period of time off.
Before - Caveman tribe simulation
Deuce - Arcade tennis game
Ruin - High fantasy survival game
VRcade - VR arcade simulator

More Projects

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