PUZZLE is a classic block style puzzle game with pixel art visuals.
Made as part of the A Game By Its Cover Jam 2020. Based on a My Famicase Exhibition cartridge design made by Jaime Ugarte.
After participating in the game jam in 2018, I was disappointed I wasn't able to create a digital version of Kingo. This time around I had been learning web design and making some small games, which had given me more confidence in my programming and so I wanted to go all out.
I wanted to take the cover art and the simple name and be very literal when translating it into a game.
This was a great learning experience with handling lists of objects and comparing them to create a puzzle game that I had come up with a concept for pretty quickly and it turned out exactly as I'd hoped and expected.
The cartridge visuals used for inspiration made into NES style visuals.
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