At the start of 2020 I decided to start something new and landed on expanding my design experience with some web development. Here's some of the work I made during my learning experience.
While learning graphic design I had picked up on loose concepts around HTML and CSS, so re-learning those were more about refreshing and solidifying my knowledge and picking up on industry standards. 
Javascript bears some resemblance to the C# code I had been learning while making games and that made JS click pretty quickly. It even helped my code going the other way too!
Learning about structuring websites and basic header, layout and tags.
Styling a web page with classes and CSS properties.
Creating layouts for content using Bootstrap and other libraries such as Bulma.
Goirllaz fansite/wiki made using Bootstrap.
Making things happen when a button is pressed and animating objects.
I combined all of these to create a blog website for my game design project.
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